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Welcome to MJG Ingenieur-GmbH Munich!

Our company has a special expertise dealing with extreme loads on structures.
This includes:

  • Blast load evaluation
  • Protective design against blast and impact
  • Developement of facade-, window-, and door-constructions for blast protection
  • Earthquake analyses and design

Reference projects:

  • Embassies
  • Military facilities
  • Gas-. oil- and chemical industry
  • Banks
  • Transportation facilities

Due to confidentiality reasons we cannot publish more details about our customers and their projects.

Please contact us if you need further information.

3D-Druckwellenausbreitung zwischen Gebäuden
Blast wave propagation
3D-Druckwellenausbreitung zwischen Gebäuden
Blast protection of facades
Bodendetonation über erdverlegter Pipeline
VBIED explosion against barrier
Deformation eines Vordachdetails nach Explosion
Explosion connection detail
Bodendetonation über erdverlegter Pipeline
Detonation above a buried pipeline
Deformation eines Vordachdetails nach Explosion
Deformation of a canopy connection detail after explosive event


Facades, doors, and windows: numerical simulation example
Door with pressure relief system


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